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Five Essential Tips to Protect Your iPhone From Damage

Five Essential Tips to Protect Your iPhone From Damage

The iPhone is an expensive gadget that can become even more expensive if you have to repair it, and it makes sense that you have to do everything possible to keep it safe beyond the regular wear and tear.

While iPhones are popular due to its portability, this aspect also makes them prone to physical damage. Repairing or replacing a damaged iPhone is not only expensive, but also you run the risk of losing your data. But, by taking a few precautions, you can protect your iPhone from physical damages.

Here are five valuable tips that can help keep your iPhone safe and avoid expensive iPhone repairs Sydney.

Use screen protector

The screen is the most fragile and expensive part in the iPhone. If you accidentally drop your phone or mishandle it, the screen is bound to crack or shatter. A cracked or shattered screen not only looks awful but may also malfunction. To avoid iPhone screen repairs Sydney, use a screen protector. Yes, get a suitable tempered glass that fits your model.

While plastic screen protectors were popular in the past, a tempered glass screen protector is trending. But, why should you put another layer of glass on the screen while it is already protected? Well, your iPhone screen gets complete protection from scratches, and the glass protector avoids damages to the screen when dropping the phone.

Invest in a high-quality case

Though the iPhone can conveniently fit into your pockets, it can also easily fall out. Similarly, finding a place to put the iPhone down is not an issue, but you can easily knock it off. Spending a few dollars on a high-quality case will help prevent expensive iPhone screen repairs Sydney in the future. A solid case can avoid the damages to your iPhone. It is advisable to get a full case as it encloses the entire phone and often includes a screen protector. There are cases with built-in batteries which provide additional power when your iPhone built-in battery dies.

Avoid extreme temperatures

Extremely hot and cold temperatures can literally damage your iPhone. Leaving your iPhone in excessive heat or cold for a long time can damage the battery and the device’s internal components that lead to data loss, screen damages, shortened battery life, or even lead to iPhone screen replacement Sydney or even the need to replace the phone. Avoid leaving your smartphone in an unattended parked car for a long time. If it is cold outside, do not leave in your car or even on the outer pocket of your coat or jacket.

Waterproof the device

Water damages can lead to expensive repairs and replacements. Even perspiration affects your iPhone, so it is necessary to waterproof your device. Use a waterproof water case during water-specific excursions to protect against unexpected run-ins with water.

Avoid third-party chargers

Be cautious while you use third-party chargers, as they can damage your phone’s ports and cause your device to overheat. So, carry your charger wherever you go.

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