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Top Options to Fix the Cracked iPhone Screen

Top Options to Fix the Cracked iPhone Screen

Smashing the screen on your iPhone is one of the saddest things that may happen in a day. You may drop your phone unknowingly and notice that the screen has been severely cracked. Also, you may not know the damages that are happened inside. You can confirm that by consulting a shop that offers iPhone repairs in Sydney. Here we have mentioned a few tips to fix the cracked iPhone screen.

Fixing Under Warranty

If you are under the warranty period, you can opt that for iPhone 8 screen repair in Sydney. But, often the standard warranty that comes with the iPhone doesn’t cover accidental damage. It means that your cracked iPhone screen won’t be fixed as a part of the warranty and you need to pay for the repair. So people get their mobiles repaired by professionals at an authorized shop.

Fixing Under AppleCare

The AppleCare covers up to two incidents of accidental damages with a fee for each iPhone 8 screen repair in Sydney. They charge more than an authorized repair shop. So it is preferable to choose an authorized mobile repair shop that performs the same task at an affordable rate.

Fixing Under Insurance

Often the iPhone insurance covers accidental damages such as repairing the screen. But before giving your phone for repair, make sure whether your policy covers the screen repair. Sometimes you may have to pay a deductible and a repair fee, but that combo may be less than replacing the iPhone entirely.

Fixing Without Warranty or Insurance

If you don’t have warranty or insurance coverage, then you will have many options to choose from. You can choose a low-cost iPhone repair shop that can save you money. It is always a good idea to choose an iPhone repair shop that has a good reputation and experience with iPhone 8 screen replacement in Sydney.

How To Prevent Screen Damages In The Future?

If your iPhone falls often, even the protected iPhones get cracked. But, you can follow the below mentioned tips to reduce the likelihood of cracked screens.


Often most cases offer screen protection, but some don’t. Even though your case doesn’t provide screen protection, it may offer the safety that reduce the possibility of damaging your iPhone screen.

Screen Protectors:

Screen protectors are the thin, plastic overlay that protects your iPhone screen from dings or scratches. They can also offer extra defence against cracks. The screen protectors you use are excellent add-ons, and the case is one of the comprehensive solutions to reduce screen damage.

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