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Here Are The Most Common Ways You’ll Accidentally Damage Your Samsung Screen

Here Are The Most Common Ways You’ll Accidentally Damage Your Samsung Screen

Image by Philipp Zurawski from Pixabay

“A statistic shows that Australians have said goodbye to 2.5 million smartphones in the past five years alone.” No matter how much you have paid initially if your device is smashed, you’ll have to spend some cash to get it fixed, unless you are okay to use your old device or have insurance.

As much as they are useful and convenient, Samsung phones are prone to accidents as they are fragile and sensitive. However, Samsung screen repair Sydney could be avoided if you are careful and mindful when you are using the device. Yes, most of the accidents could be avoided by knowing the common causes of the damages.

Check out these most common ways that you may be damaging your brand new Samsung edge or note:-

Dropping on the Ground

Lets’ admit it. We all would have dropped our device on the ground at some point in our lives. However, if you are conscious, it can be avoided. There are several ways to drop a phone accidentally; including it could get knocked off a table, fall out of your pocket/bag/purse, or just slip out of your hand. Whatever the reason may be, it could result in damaged screen and in worst cases, completely shattered screen. Besides, the entire device may malfunction due to the impact it has sustained and lead to serious problems than just unsightly appearance, including touchscreen responses and exposure to moisture.

Whether it is a minor crack or screen is completely shattered, take your device to the third party repair shop that offers reliable Samsung screen repair Sydney. When it comes to Samsung s7 edge screen repair Sydney, DIY is a bad idea because you may damage the device without proper tools and knowledge.

Getting Submerged in Water

This is one of the most common reasons for smartphone damage. Liquid, any form, is a smartphone’s enemy. In most of the cases, the device could not be saved and has to be replaced with a new one. If you have accidentally dropped your Samsung in a puddle of water, the liquid reaches the internal components through the small openings around the phone. Water damage is a tricky type of damage to get it fixed.

Scratched by Keys and Coins

If you have the habit of putting your device in your pocket or bag along with coins and keys, then don’t be surprised why the screen has got a lot of scratches.

How to protect your device?

  • When not in use, place your phone in your bag, purse, or padded pouch.
  • Invest in a quality, durable screen protector and case.
  • Stick the ring holder to the back of your device to improve the grip.
  • Whether you are playing or taking selfies, hold your device both the hands.
  • Do not take your Samsung device to the beach, swimming pool, and toilet.
  • Store your device in a separate pouch.
  • Do not let your kids play with your device.

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