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Broken iPhone? Repair or Replace

Have you broken your iPhone? Wondering whether to replace or repair it? Don’t worry; we are here to help you decide.

While all iPhone have a predetermined lifespan and will require replacement, in most of the cases you can take your iPhone to nearby mobile phone repairs Sydney and get it repaired.  That sound’s good, isn’t it? But, there are specific scenarios where your iPhone needs replacement.

Come on, let’s explore in which scenarios your iPhone needs a repair and replacement.

A cracked screen:

A cracked screen is one of the common phone repair Mascot that every mobile user experiences it. However, a crack in the mobile screen alone doesn’t warrant buying a new phone.

In most of the cases, you will be advised to replace the old screen with the new one. But, make sure you replace it as early as possible. Operating with a damaged screen can expose it to further damage.

iPhone submerged in water:

If you have accidentally dropped your iPhone into the water, take your phone to the professional immediately. Even if you wipe the phone and let it air dry, the water might have seeped into your iPhone, and it might have caused invisible damages.

An iPhone Repairs Sydney professional can tell you whether your device can be fixed or not. Do not try to fix it; you may void the warranty.

The battery won’t recharge:

This is another common problem that many smartphone users experience it. If your device gets charged slowly or won’t recharge at all – the most likely reason is the aging battery.

A dent or scratch on your phone:

Having a dent or scratch in your iPhone might affect the appearance, and in most of the cases, it doesn’t affect the performance. You can repair the phone. But still, if you want an iPhone without any signs of damage, then you should consider buying a brand new one. Use protective iPhone case so that you can avoid scratches and dents when you accidentally drop.

Completely shattered screen:

While the cracked screen is minor damage, a screen that is completely damaged makes your device unsafe to handle. If your screen is completely damaged, you may wonder if it is time to invest in a brand new one.

However, iPhone 8 Screen Repair Sydney or replacement depends on the depth of the damage. But, still, you can replace the screen with a new one assuming that there are no serious issues with your mobile device.

An iPhone that repeatedly freezes:

If your phone doesn’t respond to simple fixes including updating the OS, restarting the device, or any other issue that slows down the phone, it is time to have it checked out by an expert. If no repair fixes your phone, then probably it is time to get a new one.

Hope this might help you decide. However, it is advisable to address the mobile repairs with the help of a professional.

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