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Cheap Mobile Screen repairs and replacements in Sydney

Mobile Phone Repair Sydney


Today in a fast moving week for most people consists of a business 8am – 7pm work day Monday to Friday. We appreciate that you are busy and your time is valuable which is why our business model focuses primary on first in first out repair service. At Cheap Mobile Phone Repairs Sydney we always try our level best to help our customer.

We strive to meet deadlines for customers regarding their phone repairs. We call you on a designated number once we have finished repairing your device. It’s important that customers feel as though they come first. For a customer orientated business like us we want to ensure that you are consistently happy with any service we provide.

Experience Mobile Phone Repair Technicians Sydney

We have a number of experience mobile phone repair technicians at our location @ Suite 4, 63-65A Burwood Road, Sydney  NSW, 2134, Australia. If you wish to come in and see us face to face to discuss your mobile phone repair please do so.

We understand each model and make of phone, as well as have a stock of salvage phone spare parts and one end manufacturer part that meet strict and stringent specifications of those set out by the manufacturer of the phone.

We take the time to any questions you may have regarding your phone repairs and try to give the best solution passible. We check all the repair relevant function of your device Before and after repairs and will explain you all about warranty. It’s important that you understand the your warranty of your phone and your phone insurance policy before we commence our services with you.

Professional Phone Repair in Sydney

We think of our selves as a serious business because it allows us to develop strict customer service strategies.  We always formulate better relationship management models allowing you the customer to ask as many questions as you can to get a better and more competitive quote. Many phones themselves have a multitude of safety



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