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Most Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix It

Most Common Macbook Problems and How to Fix It

Macbook is one of the finest portable computers ever made. Its spectacular features and design justify its high cost. Although it is designed to last longer, like any other device, Macbook can also give up on you. After all, it is man-made with electrical components. Nothing can be as annoying as using a slow laptop or laptop with a damaged screen.

Your Macbook may work slowly or not work at all for several reasons. You may be wondering what’s happening with your device and how to deal with the MacBook repairs Sydney. Well, before you junk it, there may be some solutions to get it fixed it. So, let us discuss the most common MacBook problems and their quick resolutions.

Start-up Issues

If your Mac won’t boot properly and you find a blank screen or grey startup screen rather than your desktop, try to boot in Safe Mode. In safe mode, the OS will boot with minimum software, drives required, and run a check of your start-up disk and also try to repair any directory issues that impact the booting.


This is one of the common problems that many Macbook users experience over time. Heat is produced when a machine is running, and there is no flow of air. Maybe the hardware is the fault like the cooling fans or heatsinks located in your device. In addition to this, sometimes, the software installed in your Macbook can also make the device overheated. In fact, the third-party app, which is used for encoding and decoding purposes, can consume a large number of system resources which can result in overheating issues. Try to use the apps which are needed and uninstall the applications which are not in use.

Screen Damages

You could be the most careful owner of Macbook, but still, accidents do happen. When they do, you’ll end up spending hundreds of dollars on MacBook screen repairs Sydney. This is one of the most common problems among Macbook users. It is inevitable, and the cost of MacBook screen replacement Sydney really depends on the model. However, the cost of screen repairs varies from one to another, based on the depth of the damage the device has sustained. If you have Apple Care, then you are lucky as you will get coverage for two accidental damages with $49 as a service fee.

However, you can take your device to the third party centre that specialises in MacBook screen repairs Sydney.

Running slow

Slowdowns are caused due to filling the hard drive, so it is struggling to read and write data efficiently. When you browse the web, download and install applications, and fill your hard drive with games, music, and movies, it will definitely impact your device’s performance because your MacBook may not be able to handle it.

Clear your hard drive space and uninstall the applications you no longer use it. If your Mac is suspiciously slow and it really seems like something has gone wrong, have a technician look at it.

Dead battery

If your MacBook turns off when the charger is unplugged, maybe it is time to replace the battery. You will know the battery is dead if it shows signs like the device won’t

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