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Tips for Replacing the Damaged Screen in iPhone 8

Tips for Replacing the Damaged Screen in iPhone 8

Did you know? According to CommSec’s iPhone index, Australia is the 4th country in the world to buy an Apple iPhone 8 at cheap rates.

Whenever we hear the word ‘smart phone’ the phone that comes to most of the people’s mind is the iPhone. The people of this generation long to own an iPhone. These phones are considered as a symbol of status too. But what happens if your iPhone’s screen gets shattered accidentally? Don’t worry. It is even the worst nightmare one could get, but the iPhone 8 screen replacement Sydney could be fixed within a matter of time. This blog explains the DIY tips for iPhone 8 screen repair Sydney.

Cracked iPhone

Generally, a cracked screen is a common problem for all smart phone owners, and sometimes these cracks make the users to pay a large sum from their pocket for the iPhone repairs Sydney, that adds to their pain.

Even though the crack appears to be a chip at first but the chip grows larger day by day. Thus, work with the iPhone repairs Sydney in time to avoid further damage to your precious phone and your fingers. Sometimes even the simplest task such as holding your device could become a bloody disaster.

Steps Involved In DIY Repair of IPhone 8

IPhone 8 screen replacement Sydney isn’t impossible in most cases. In irreparable cases, taking your iPhone to the Apple store for an iPhone 8 screen repair Sydney is always the best option, so is fixing it yourself (DIY). If you’re in dire need of an iPhone 8 screen repair, continue reading to learn the steps,

  • Open The Screen – Remove the screws from either side of the charging port.
  • Disconnect The Battery – Do not proceed with the repairing procedure until the battery is disconnected. Attempting a screen replacement while the battery is still connected can be costly, risking the chance of damaging the fresh new screen.
  • Separate The Display Assembly – Use a plastic spudger while disconnecting the display assembly. Does not use too much force, as it easily damages the connection between the motherboard and screen.
  • Take off the Home Button – Remove the screws are to loosen the bracket.
  • Take out the Earpiece Speaker – Use the tweezers to remove the ear speaker.
  • Remove the Front Camera and Sensory Cable – lift the sensory cable out of the recess with the plastic spudger. The housing is lifted, to detach the camera.
  • Detach the LCD Shield – Remove the six screws that attach the LCD shield to the display assembly.
  • Apply LCD Shield to the New Screen – reapply the six screws.
  • Re-Install The Home Button – The connector situated to the left of the home button must be re-connected using the plastic spudger.
  • Transplant The Earpiece Speaker, Front Camera, Sensory Cable– Fit the earpiece, camera, and sensory cable within the bracket.
  • Reattach The Sensory Panel – The sensory connector must be reattached to the motherboard.
  • Reconnect The Battery – Place the bracket to secure the battery connectors.
  • Fix The New Screen – Once the battery has been connected, the screen pops back. And finally, the two screws on either side of the charging port are added.

Though the DIY your screen replacement for iPhone 8 will be pocket-friendly, it is always advisable to consult an expert for your iPhone 8 screen repair in Sydney.

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