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Top ways people get their Samsung Mobile Screen cracked – Tips to prevent it

Top ways people get their Samsung Mobile Screen cracked – Tips to prevent it

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All of us have done it. It takes only a second and its drop. You were hanging on your Samsung Galaxy S8 plus trying to reach a pen, and there it goes. Your mobile phone slips from your hand and hits the floor. Taking it back in hand, you see the worst nightmare, and the screen is cracked. Don’t worry, there are professional Samsung Galaxy S8 plus screen repair who have fixed a lot of broken screens. We have listed some of the common ways a phone screen can get cracked and also solutions to prevent them. Make it to the end so that some of our tips might help you at some point in time.

Dropped while trying to take a selfie:

You guessed it right. People often drop their mobile phones when they try to take selfies. Mobile phones can slip up when people reach out to get themselves in that perfect shot. How bad the damage is, professional Samsung Galaxy S8 plus screen repair can fix it with their skills and knowledge.

However, we have a few preventive tips. Try using a selfie stick. It is designed to hold the phone securely. This way, you are not fumbling with your thumbs to click the photo button and can focus on holding your phone firmly.

Talking while walking:

Walking, discussing something on your phone is an easy way to run into things and drop your phone. Unfortunately, one of the least forgiving surfaces for your phone is the pavement. This is one of the typical situation people bring their phones to professional mobile repairs. Here’s the tip for you, if you are on the go and want to be on your phone, try using a Bluetooth headset. This way, your phone will stay safely in your pocket or bag, and you are free to talk and walk with no distraction.

Kids drop the phone:

Often we need a quick way to keep our children entertained, and for some reason, smartphones have become an object, kids can’t get enough until they throw it. Especially toddlers, they love the repetition of picking and throwing over and over, which is not good for your phone, obviously.

In such a case, we will recommend keeping an old phone that is not in use to let your kid play with instead of yours or get a better toy avoiding mobile phones.

Fumble fingers:

Fumble fingers are one of the goodwill standards of dropping mobile phones while using it. Whether it’s sending a message or gaming or reacting to one of your friend’s posts, fumble happens. This means dropping your mobile phone can occur anywhere, anytime, so knowing when and how it is difficult. Although it is like a cakewalk for the professional Galaxy S8 screen repair Sydney to fix your screen, make sure you keep your phone careful. One tip for you, keep you protected no matter how you drop your phone.


Try to protect your phone with a good impact resistant case and glass screen protectors. These items can add to your phone that can go a long way in keeping your mobile screen protected. If, unfortunately, your screen is cracked, don’t fret professional note 8 screen replacement can fix it quickly.

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