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What Are the Common Problems with IPhones that need professional repair?

What Are the Common Problems with IPhones that need professional repair?

Image by Asif Ikbal Bhuiya from Pixabay

We use our mobile phones for more than just communication purposes. Besides from calling, we use them to hear music, for photography, to play games & lot more. To cater to the high demands of the audience, iPhones are produced with high functionality and an incredible operating system. Yet, just like other mobile devices even iPhones require proper maintenance. So make sure to approach an authorised store for iPhone repair Sydney to service your phone. Most people delay the process trying the various DIY hacks on web and end up hurting the iPhone even more.

1. Cracked Screen

It might be okay to work with a cracked screen for the moment, but as days pass by, it will become frustrating to use it. Also, there are increased chances that your iPhone might become inoperative. Hence it is better to get it repaired sooner than postponing the process. Though there are a number of DIYs on the web, don’t attempt them. Instead take your iPhone to a store specialised in iPhone screen replacement Sydney, and get the job done at a reasonable price.

2. Submerged in Water

Water is the biggest enemy not just for iPhones but for any electrical devices or gadgets. If your iPhone sank in water, you can try out a few things before heading for iPhone repair Sydney.  Initially, try wiping the excess water from the phone. Afterwards, you can try placing the phone in a bowl of rice until you rush to the iPhone repair store. This is because, rice is said to have a property that absorbs water. Don’t try to switch on the phone, as it might trigger short-circuits.

3. Frozen iPhone Screen

This is one of the common problems reported by most iPhone users. When you encounter this problem, you can try switching off the power and switch it on again. Or you can press the home button and sleep/wake button hard at the same time to reset the phone. If your phone is not functioning properly even after this DIY, take your phone immediately to as store specialised in iPhone screen repairs Sydney.

4. Battery Drains Off Quickly

When you use a lot of apps, your iPhone’s battery has a tendency to drain off quickly. The best solution here is to turn off the apps you aren’t using. If problems still persist, take your iPhone to an expert, who will check your phone and offer the appropriate solution.

5. Buttons are Jammed

These days’ iPhones hardly come with any buttons on them. But the ones that are there appear for a reason. Since everything can be controlled on screen, most iPhone owners are lazy to repair any glitches with the buttons. But, if you notice that your phone’s button is jammed, rectify it immediately with the help of a professional.

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