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What You Need To Know About Ipad Screen Repairs

What You Need To Know About Ipad Screen Repairs

Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay

From table to backpack, there are several opportunities for your iPad to sustain damage. Of course, the more recent version of ipad comes with screens that are made of Gorilla glass, which is scratch-resistant and less likely to shatter when dropped. However, that doesn’t mean that it is not indestructible. Yes, the screen can get damaged over time, and not to mention the drops and bumps can result in cracks and screen breakages.

Ipad repairs Sydney is one of the most common problems many iPad users encounter at one point. No matter how careful you are, screen damages are inevitable. A cracked or scratched iPad screen isn’t only unsightly, but also it can interfere with the cell phone function as well.

Now, what can you do to fix your iPad screen? Let’s find out.

Can I replace my iPad screen or get it fixed?

Well, Yes. But, are you going to work on ipad screen replacement Sydney? If you are like one of the ardent DIYers, then probably you are thinking of replacing your screen on your own. While DIY ipad repairs Sydney seems to be cost-effective, it is not recommended as you run the risk of damaging your device where it becomes irreparable. Many have learned too late replacing a damaged screen is more difficult than what it was told in DIY blogs and YouTube videos. Replacing just the glass is even more difficult than replacing the entire screen.

Of course, there are replacement kits online with the glass to replace the screen but not the entire screen. So, if you want to replace or repair your screen, approach Apple or third party centre that specialises in ipad screen repairs Sydney.

Have Apple Fix it

Yes, Apple will fix your damaged screen. But, the warranty of your iPad doesn’t cover accidental damages. If you have AppleCare, then you are lucky as you’ll have the coverage for two incidents. However, you can’t get the screen fixed for free even if you have AppleCare. In addition to the $99 for AppleCare, you still need to pay a $49 as a service fee. If you have exhausted the coverage, you will have to pay the full amount, and the cost can range anywhere from $200 to $600. Without AppleCare, a new screen would cost as much as a new device.

Have a third-party fix it

If you don’t have AppleCare or exhausted your coverage, you can take your device to the third party centre. However, it will void your warranty. But, if you are out of warranty out of anyway and can’t afford to replace a screen through Apple, then this is the best solution. The third-party repair shop can get the screen fixed at an affordable price and offers 3months warranty for the parts. All you need to do is find a reliable repair shop.

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