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6 Common Myths about iPad Repair That You Should Not Believe

6 Common Myths about iPad Repair That You Should Not Believe

  1. Why pay for iPad repair? Instead, you can do it yourself

In the age of the internet, the information and supplies are available to the public. But not everything should be a do it yourself project, and one of these things includes iPad repair in Sydney. It’s extremely common for newbies and inexperienced technicians to make mistakes that end up making way for much more expensive repairs than if they had just left it to the professionals in the initial stage.

  1. It is expensive to get iPad repaired

The cost of repairing your iPad depends on the model, damage caused, and how extensive the repair needs. In the case of common iPad screen repairs, it can be repaired at low cost within a short period. It is very cost effective to get your iPad repaired than buying a new iPad.

  1. iPad Repairs might take weeks

Most iPad service centers offer same day service for the common iPad repair in Sydney. The common issues like iPad screen repair can be done on the same day, and some repairs can even be done less than an hour while you are waiting.

  1. Having iPad repaired lowers device’s resale value

The iPad service centers work side by side with many different carriers and insurance companies that help the customers who have broken phones and looking to trade up their device. They use high-quality OEM parts with a lifetime warranty on parts and labor, to ensure your repaired device works well. Also, it won’t reveal any difference when compared to a regular iPad, which can maximize the resale value of your device.

  1. I have insurance; I should get a replacement iPad instead

If your iPad is stolen or lost, then it makes sense to get a replacement phone with the insurance deductible. Most of the time, insurance deductibles are far more expensive than the repairs themselves.  Also, most often the insurance companies collect damaged devices refurbish it, and give them out as replacement devices.

Replacement might take many weeks to processed, which you might be out of the iPad for the time being until your replacement is processed. Instead, most iPad repairs in Sydney can be done on the same day or even less than an hour.

  1. You must have repairs done by the manufacturer

With its insular environment and closed ecosystem, Apple users tend to believe that the company is the only one qualified to do repairs to an iPhone/iPad. But, you don’t need to have repairs of your devices done only by Apple. There are other qualified, experienced, and professional repair companies out there that offer services to fix broken Apple products. In most cases, these companies can provide faster and better quality service and customer satisfaction.

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