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Why choose us?

Our services are reliable, affordable, and quick, and we assure a 3-month warranty on parts and repairs! This gives customers extra peace of mind that our team of expert technicians will repair it for them at no additional cost, in the rare case that a need arises.

While we are known for cheap mobile repairs in Sydney, customer service is really our number one priority. We have been dedicated to customers’ satisfaction and happiness for the past 22 years and strive to uphold that going forward as well.

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Very good service. Always feel invited to this place. Been here so many times never got disappointed. They are very reasonable. Specially Li she gives wonderful service,a smile on the face, makes everyone’s day better.

Saimon Rishal
a month ago

Great staff, great service. I had terrible cracks all over my iPhone 7 screen, and it was starting to peel off. Then, within half an hour, the nice lady working at the front gave me my phone back with a new screen on it. Fast and reliable service! I would highly recommend! Friendly customer service as well!

Lauren Gibbons
a month ago

Excellent and quick service and an honest business. I brought in a phone for a screen replacement. They stayed open hours after their close time to receive the delivery replacement screen and install it on my phone. All on the same day. Highly recommended.

Peter Carrigan
2 months ago

Cheap Mobile Repair

Quality Mobile Repairs at Affordable Pricing

There is no denying that our mobile devices are an integral part of everyday life – and that life as usual is disrupted when any of our devices has a problem. At Cheap Mobile Repair, we can help you keep your devices working in the best condition possible.

We are known as a one-stop-shop for addressing all mobile device needs for servicing, repairs and replacements. We can work with most leading brands, such as iPhone, Motorola, Nokia, OnePlus, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Xiaomi, Oppo, and LG, for affordable and prompt repair services.Read More

Our Range of Repair Services

Our well-trained team of repair technicians can fix all kinds of issues on mobile phones, such as:

  • Glass screen and LCD replacement
  • Water damaged issues
  • Camera repairs
  • Data recovery
  • Battery replacement
  • Charging port repair, and many more

Area’s We Serve:
Adelaide, Annandale, Ashfield, Auburn, Bankstown, Broadway, Burwood, Campertown, Canterbury, Chullora, Concord, Dulwich Hill, Enfield, Five Dock, Glebe, Harris Park, Haymarket, Homebush, Lakemba, Lidcombe, Marrickville, Mascot, Moore Park, Newtown, North Sydney, Olympic Park, Parramatta, Petersham, Strathfield, Surry Hills, Sydney CBD, Sydney Central, Ultimo, Wolli Creek.


iPad repairs

We are certified repairers of all apple iPads. Warranty provided on all repairs.


Laptop &
desktop repairs

We are certified repairers of all apple iPads. Warranty provided on all repairs.


IT Services

We are proving IT Services. Warranty provided on all servicres.


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No matter if you are an individual, a small business, School or even a corporate company, Cheap Mobile Repair can help you growing your business and keep you on the track by fulfilling your repair requirements.

Brand new & refurbished phones

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Cheap Mobile Repair

CHEAP MOBILE PHONE REPAIRS is Sydney’s favorite choice for Mobile Phone Repairs. We have all heard that heartbreaking crunch as our phones have hit the ground. Whether it’s a minor crack or you have damaged your underlying LCD screen or any other type of repairs are often costly when you go straight to the manufacturer.

Frequently Asked Questions on mobile repair

How long does a screen replacement take?

The answer to this question depends on the phone model. An iPhone screen replacement usually takes between 20-30 minutes. Samsung models take a bit longer, around 45 minutes to an hour and 15 minutes. Sony Xperia’s take around the same time, and Huawei’s take a little bit longer, usually around one hour thirty minutes. iPads generally take about 2-3 hours to fix.

Will a screen replacement erase my data?

Absolutely not! Everything will be exactly as it was before, except that your screen will be beautiful and look brand new.

Can I choose which colour screen I want?

Absolutely, just be aware some model phones require the use of your old home button (i.e. touch ID on iPhones won’t work with a new colour home button), so your home button may have a different colour from your screen.

Why You Should Choose Us

We have a lot of experience with water damaged phones, tablets, and laptops. We are also experts in the art of data recovery. When you first bring your water-damaged device we will do a short inspection, usually taking around 30 minutes, in order to estimate the extent of the water damage. From there, we can discuss further options for you, since water damage repairs can be as small as a bit of cleaning to an entire deconstruction of your device.

How We Clean Liquid Damaged Phones

After the inspection and discussing options with you, we will fully clean your logic board. First, we’ll insert the board into an ultrasonic cleaner for a couple hours, which will fully clean all traces of corrosion, whether visible or microscopic. After that, we give the logic board a short bath in high percentage isopropyl alcohol to evaporate the ultra-sonic cleaning solution as quickly as possible. Then we proceed to leave the board in a dehydrator, to fully dry out all liquids that may be still present. Once that is complete, we begin a full board-level analysis, utilising microscopes and other tools designated for logic board repair. These repairs usually come on the form of micro-soldering. From there we zoom out to the macro level, seeing if you need a new screen, battery, charge port, or other larger parts in order to get your phone back to 100%.

Oh no! I jumped into the pool with my phone still in my pocket! What should I do??

Here are few general rules of thumb for what to do after you’ve dropped your phone in water. First off, NO PHONE IS WATERPROOF. They may be advertised as water “resistant”, but they are not waterproof. We’ve repaired too many iPhone 7’s, Galaxy S7’s, S8’s, and other phones and laptops with liquid damage to believe the phrase “water resistant” anymore. If the phone is still on, immediately turn it off if possible. If it has turned off, leave it that way. DO NOT attempt to turn it on or plug it in. If you leave a water-laced phone on or attempt to turn it on, it can, and most likely will, cause a short circuit and make the repair much more difficult, if not impossible. After that, do not put it in rice, as many click-bait websites will lead you to believe is the correct thing to do. Yes, rice will dry it out, but drying the liquid will leave corrosion behind, which can damage your phone even further. The best course of action is to bring it into us as soon as you possibly can. The only effective way of drying the inside of your device is by hand, and that is something we excel at.

How long does it take to repair a liquid damaged phone?

Repairing water or liquid damaged phones is the repair that has the greatest variance in time-length. Once you bring it in, it will take around 30 minutes for us to determine the extent of the damage and/or corrosion. From there it may take another hour, 2 hours, maybe even a couple of days to complete repairs, especially if the device requires

Is repairing my liquid damaged device worth it?

The answer to this question depends a lot on a couple of factors. The first factor is whether or not the data is important. Have you backed up your device recently, if ever? Maybe you have wedding or baby photos that are irreplaceable. The value of this data is entirely up to you. If the data is not important to you, then the next factor would be whether or not the repair is cost efficient. For example, maybe you have an iPhone 6 that was heavily damaged by salt water. Depending on what would need to be replaced and/or repaired (salt water can be especially damaging) it may end up costing more to repair your phone then buying a used or refurbished one. In that case, it is most likely not worth getting the repair done. Overall, whether or not it is worth it is entirely up to you, the data, and your attachment to the specific device.

Can you guys repair Mother Board & Can you do Micro Soldering

Yes, Cheap Mobile Repair has been around nearly six years, with experience in multiple areas, including almost every cellular phone imaginable. We have seen it all, from cracked screens to salt-crusted, water damaged logic boards. Not only have we seen it all, but we’ve fixed it all. We pride ourselves on customer service, letting you know exactly what’s going on with your device and what we are doing to fix it. We will do everything in our power to solve your problem and leave you with not only a working device, but a smile as well.

I took my phone to a different shop to get the motherboard repaired and now the whole phone won’t even turn on! Can you help me ?

There’s an old adage in the repair industry that goes “nothing is unrepairable”, and in this situation we mean it. We have many years of experience in these kinds of repairs, experience that it seems this other shop did not have. Yes, we can fix this! Obviously, depending on what exactly the other shop did, the price will vary on a case-by-case basis as well as the time frame. However, rest assured, we will help you out to the best of our abilities.

My phone works fine, but in order to even see the screen I have to hold a flashlight up to it. Is this something you can repair ?

Yes! In fact, we have fixed it many times, and it is pretty common in a lot of different apple products especially. This is caused by an issue or failure of one or more of the backlight IC’s (integrated circuits) on the logic board. It will usually takes two to three working days to fix, and can range from $150 to $350, depending on the severity of the problem

I know my phone needs micro-soldering in order to be repaired, but I’m scared about losing my data.

Luckily we are also very skilled in the area of data recovery. Most micro-soldering repairs will not affect your data, but in rare cases in might be unavoidable. However, we do have the ability to pre-emptively back your data up. You will never have to fear about losing those precious contacts and photos!

The touch isn’t working on my iPhone 6 plus and I’ve never even changed the screen before! What’s going on ?

Oh boy. The problem so frequent it got its own nickname: touch disease. If you take this phone to an Apple store they’ll slap a new screen on it and send you on your way. Maybe your phone will work fine for a few days but the problem will always come back. This issue affects around one out of every three iPhone 6+’s as well as the occasional iPhone 6. Since this problem is so frequent, we have the repair process down to an art form, usually taking two to three business days and costing you (money).

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