Warranty / Terms & Conditions


*We use OEM parts we do not use original parts.
*All our Parts & Repairs come with 3 months of warranty.
*Repairing your device with us might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
*Screens are covered under warranty as long as there is no physical damage.
*Water damage devices do not have any sort of warranty.
*Software issues do not have any warranty.
*Refund can be provided in exchange of the parts and 20% labor charge will be deducted.
*Under no circumstances physical damage will be covered under warranty.

Customer should read all the terms and conditions before and after the repairs

Up front payment is necessary
Cheap Mobile Repair does not take any responsibility for water resistant features, it is the customer’s responsibility to take proper care of their device.
It is the customer ‘s responsibility to pick up their device within 60 day of drop off, if it’s not picked up within that period the device will be disposed of without any notice.
A receipt is necessary for picking up the device or claiming the warranty
We do not take any responsibility of data lose, it is completely customers responsibility

We will hold on to customer’s belongings and broken/old parts for maximum one week of time. If customer want their broken part after repair it is customer’s responsibility to ask. Then after it will be disposed without any further notice.

Terms & Conditions

Repair Warranty

  • All parts and labour costs used for repairing services are covered under 3 month’s flat warranty.
  • Cheap Mobile Repair is not liable for voiding any device’s warranty with that of manufacturers, insurance policy companies, network providers etc as a result of repair or service.
  • Warranty on repairs is only applicable after performing a thorough diagnostic assessment by the authorised technicians of Cheap Mobile Repairs.
  • Additional charges will be imposed on devices undergoing issues that are not related to the initial repair service.

Your warranty will be voided if,

  • Devices undergoing issues post repair are not covered under warranty.
  • Your device and/or replaced parts show meaningful signs of physical damage, software malfunctions or liquid damage regardless of how the damage has occurred, related or not related to the initial fault.
  • A third party has serviced the devices.
  • We are unable to test the device fully before or after it has been serviced.
  • The replaced parts are completely operational.
  • The serial/IMEI number doesn’t match with the device repaired.
  • The device has call barring already activated by its network or is locked with any security ID.

Refunds & Returns
Refunds & Returns are voided if:

  • The warranty policy has become null and void.
  • The warranty period has expired.
  • Your service was solely meant for data recovery, however, you have paid and the data has left the store.
  • Your service was solely for data recovery but 24 hours have passed after receiving the signed terms and conditions.
  • You have lost/misplaced the receipt.

Pricing & Quotations

Pricing and quotations are an approx figure and are subject to changes at any time for all products and services. Customers will be informed when there will be any change to the original quoted price.


General Repairs:

  • For general repairs, payment will be charged upon final collection of the completed repair or service.
  • We do not accept payments over phone. We accept PAY ID bank transfers as a mode of digital payment in case; this cannot be made in person.
  • Devices will be withheld until we receive full payment in cleared funds.

Company Account Holder Repairs:

Invoices are payable within 30 days of the issue. All account holders will receive 10% discount on all repairs.

Additional Fees

  • Additional fees may be charged for any of the following:
  • For delay in payment of invoice $30
  • Postage and shipping charges: $20 (free for account holders situated in Sydney CBD)
  • Service fee for devices beyond repairs $50.
  • Late collection of handling fee $50.


Only registered official service centres provide “original parts”. Phone repairing companies and manufacturers do not sell parts separately for the devices. All parts used by Cheap Mobile Repairs are assembled to the top-notch quality and placed under a thorough testing process before installation, covered under 3 months warranty.

Network Unlocking

  • Unlocking services may be denied due to many reasons. If the unlock is denied due to device being registered as lost, stolen, blacklisted or blocked, no refund will be processed in this regard.
  • An unlock request has been already processed, it can’t be cancelled further.
  • Unlocking the network will allow devices to accept different carriers and will not cover any other lock including FRP locks, pass codes, personal account locks, PUK locks and phone barring facility.

Turnaround Time

The turnaround time is approximate and subject to changes for all other services.


  • You can collect your device within 30 days post the service completion date.
  • For any completed device not collected within 30days, late collection handling fee will be imposed.
  • Any completed service not collected within 70days should be surrendered or recycled.
  • We must get an authorisation before a completed service is finally collected by a third party. The nominated third party should provide valid identification upon submission.


  • Cheap Mobile Repair doesn’t cover any outgoing shipping cost including expired warranty claims and devices accessed as beyond economic repairs.
  • Handling fee including shipping costs may be charged.
  • For valid account holders, we provide free shipping within Sydney CBD.

Repair Notice

  • Cheap Mobile Repair will not be liable for any damage caused to the device as a result of repair, service or product.
  • Cheap Mobile Repair will not be liable for any damage or loss caused to the device due to repair or shipping fault.
  • With regard to the type of latest electronic design and the way repairs are performed for screen or during battery replacements, Cheap Mobile Repair technicians cannot guarantee of returning the device in the original condition as it was during the time of arrival. In some rare instance, devices may be delivered non functional and beyond repairs.
  • Goods presented for servicing may be repaired using refurbished parts of the same kind. Devices that require “original parts” must be taken directly to the manufacturer of the product for servicing.
  • While performing repair, a portion or all your stored data may be lost. This is a rare instance, but as a good practice, it’s highly recommended to save the date elsewhere before presenting it for repair.

Physical Security

We adhere to the most stringent security procures while conducting the repair at repair at any Cheap Mobile Repair store. This negates the risk of misplacement, theft, loss, or damage to your mobile in transit. The responsibility vests upon the customers to make sure that they have appropriate personal insurance coverage for their device in case of any of these events.

Service Location 

At times, the device may have to be carried from one Cheap Mobile Repair branch to another for servicing. In such events, Cheap Mobile Repair will bear all the transport costs in between.


Data Recovery Terms & Conditions

  • Data Recovery

    In case you need us to salvage back the data lost from your device, we would ask for legitimate government-issued identity proofs, such as passport or driving license. The proof must contain your name, your current address, your date of birth and your signature. We will keep a scanned copy of your identity proof for records.
  • Data recovery procedures do not include any repair. It is a separate process altogether.
  • Cheap Mobile Repair cannot be held accountable for the breach of any existing warranty, during its efforts to recover data.
  • Cheap Mobile Repair cannot be held responsible under any circumstances, whatsoever, for any loss of data or damage caused to the device, any profit or revenue loss, or any other detrimental consequences, during data recovery.
  • Cheap Mobile Repair will not indulge in the recovery of any data that might breach anyone’s privacy, or compromise or violate laws. In case we discover during the data recovery that our service is violating the law or breaching anyone’s privacy or confidentiality, or if its turns out to be illegal, we will stop the process immediately. Any charges paid will NOT be refunded and the owner of the device will be informed about our findings.
  • Customers are advised to bring to us their own device – not the one owned by any 3rd party, for repair or data recovery. This is to ensure, no privacy is compromised or violated. It is the responsibility of the client to disclose it clearly at the time of the first contact. If it is found that the client has breached this, and our data recovery has resulted in a violation of compromise of the privacy of any 3rd party, then the client will be held responsible. It is solely your responsibility to ensure the device is not obtained illegally for the purpose of data recovery that doesn’t belong to you. This would be considered as a criminal offence and you would be held accountable for any legal action that may proceed.
  • All data and information stored on Cheap Mobile Repair hard drives are passcode protected. Once your data has been salvaged and handed over to you, they will be automatically deleted from our system after 7 days.
  • Data recovery deposit: Our clients will be required to deposit $100.00 prior to the data recovery service. The deposit is NOT refundable in case of change of mind or cancellation of the service for any reason whatsoever. After successful data recovery, this deposit is credited towards the final service charge. In the event of an unsuccessful attempt at data recovery, we refund the deposit in full.
  • Additional Charges: Additional $200 will be charged extra apart from the data recovery service charge, in case the client is unable is remember the passcode, or the passcode has to be bypassed to salvage the data.
  • Cancellation Free: Any cancellation of the service has to be done WITHIN 24 hours of the receipt of terms and conditions from our end. In case you cancel the service AFTER 24 hours of receipt of T&C from our end, your deposit or any existing payment that you have made will be indefinitely withheld.
  • Once data recovery has been successfully completed, the clients are required to make full payment before the data is handed over to them. They can either visit the store to make the payment or pay via ID bank transfer. Payments made via phone are NOT accepted.
  • Our ‘no-data-no-fee’ policy is applicable for every data recovery attempt.
  • After the successful recovery of data, we request our clients to verify the data in details before they make any payment or collect the data. Once the client has collected the data and has moved out of our store premises, or the data has been sent over the post, collected by any courier or any designated person, there is NO REFUND for any reason, whatsoever.
  • The customer must provide a compatible Mac or Windows storage device with enough capacity and space for the transfer and storage of the recovered data. Sometimes, it has to be a device from the same manufacturer with sufficient storage space for the transfer.
  • We do not include the cost of data recovery service with the cost of device repair. We charge data recovery cost separately.
  • Our data recovery service cost is $300.00 including GST for any recoverable data.
  • The TAT (Turnaround Times) that we state is approximate and is subject to change at any time. Usually, we take 7 to 14 Days for data recovery services.  For express services, the TAT is 3 – 5 days. The price of our express data recovery service is around $1000.00


Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. Apple store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including Apple, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.

Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty.


We leave our competitors behind with our quality service and expert technicians. Our service and work approach differentiates us.

Experts are the heart of this organization as they help to make your iPhone 5 look like a new one. Whether it is any issue with the screen or repair of other parts, our professionals with their profound knowledge to solve the issues with an ease. Their extensive analyses and in-depth knowledge results in a perfect screen repair and replacement solution.

There is no secret about the fact that the price is the prime thing that is observed by the people. With our experience, we have understood the requirement of people and this is the reason why all the services offered are priced reasonably. We make sure that everyone gets expert help.

We know how much you need these gadgets in todays life and therefore we try to return it as soon as possible by making the screen look and function like a new one. Usually we strive to give back your cellphone on the very same day, but based on the checking, our turnaround might extend from two to three days.

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I have been dealing with Cheap Mobile Repairs. They have helped me out in various occasions from broken screens to the data recovery from a water damage phone, they have always gone out of there way to help me. I have always noticed how humble and Kind all the team is, I definitely recommend and will rate this company as the most honest and the best gedget repair place.

1902maciek .
a month ago

I brought my broken iPhone to Apple, where I was told that they were unable to do anything besides reset it – except I had a lot of data that I had not yet backed up. Luckily I found this place and they amazingly were able to retrieve 2 years of photos from a dead phone as well as fix my phone! The staff were incredibly friendly and professional, would definitely recommend for anyone experiencing similar issues!!

Tina Cao
2 months ago

Visited them to fix 2 phones.The manager I met today was super friendly and they dud a great job at reasonable price.(Year ago)Just went to the shop for repair for rear camera cover crash for my Galaxy S6. Staff were all friendly and quick to respond.I picked it up by on-site repair, while I went shopping at the Westfield.I have not compared the pricing and servicing from other nearby repair shops, but I am happy with the end result and pricing.

Young H LEE
4 months ago


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