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Have you damaged your iPhone and looking for someone reliable in Sydney to repair it ??
If your iPhone is damaged in some way or is not working properly, then Cheap Mobile Repairs are the iPhone Repair Experts to go to for iPhone repairs Sydney. Whether it is an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPhone 7 repairs or iPhone 7 Plus repairs, we can provide a range of iPhone repair services at the competitive price and with a fast turnaround time. iPhone screen repairs and replacements are a specialty service of ours


Our iPhone repair services in Sydney include battery replacement, button repairs, camera repairs, front screen replacement, rear screen repair, as well as dealing with liquid damage.

If there is a malfunction in your phone’s software or you have bleeding colours, distortion or black ink spots, we can rectify these problems for you because of our extensive knowledge in iPhone repairs.

Our years of experience in iPhone repairs guarantees that we are quick to identify the cause of your fault and know how to fix it. This means that we save time when diagnosing the issue and fixing the problem, which in turn saves you money. That is why Cheap Mobile Repairs has an enviable reputation for offering the best price iPhone repairsin Sydney.

Original Apple iPhone Screen Replacement

If you have broken or damaged your iPhone screen, then there is no need to put up with this inconvenience because you think it may take days or even weeks to get you phone repaired and back to you. Cheap Mobile Repairs can provide you with an instant quote on our 40 minutes iPhone screen repair and replacement service. In the time that it takes to have a cup of coffee and read the paper, our expert technicians can replace your broken screen and have your iPhone fully functional and back to normal. We are experts at iPhone screen repairs and are dedicated to fixing your scratches, broken, shattered or cracked screens.

We are a bunch of perfectionists who dedicate hours of efforts to find a long-term and suitable solution. After all, we can understand how it feels to have your valued device damaged. Our team of specialists can expertly handle iPhone 5 repairs Sydney. Even if it is for an iPhone screen repair Sydney, don’t forget to call us because we leave no stone unturned to make your phone as good as new.

With latest iPhone launches, a lot of mobile phone lovers have brought home the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus |  iPhone 6 and even the 6S. The fact that this is an electronic gadget and is subject to wear and tear is realized by all. This is a reason why users having problems with their recent Apple product can seek cheap iPhone 6 repair Sydney or iPhone 7 repairs Sydney. The best part to keep you smiling is that you can also get iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus LCD Screen Replacement from none other than us.

All models of iPhone Repair

Now, you do not have to wait for days or queue up for your iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Repairs, iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus Repairs. Just ask our experts to repair. We ensure that if the glass screen gets smashed or if the LCD unit has undergone damage, our trained experts will either replace it for a new one or repair it with perfection. In a time when everything is expensive it is we who can promise to give you all our good services for a really low cost. The commonest problems you will find with a broken screen have been discussed below:

Ghost Touch on iPhone
Lines on iPhone Dispalay
Bleeding display
Black ink
White screen
Distorted image

No matter if it is an advanced iPhone model that you may be working with or an older version, at Cheap Mobile Repair you will get only the best of solutions on iPhone screen repairs Sydney.

Not just these, at Cheap Mobile Repair you can get a host of assistance on the following issues as discussed below:

Screen replacement (Glass and LCD)
Liquid Damage
Faulty Volume button
Home Button not working
Broken sleep button
Power button replacement
No sound from speaker
Speaker replacement
Docking connector replacement

For your piece of mind, we offer a 90-day’s warranty on any iPhone repairs that we do for you, as our skilled technicians and follow strict quality control and testing of all repairs.

Cheap Mobile Repairs are centrally located for iPhone repairs in Sydney at Suite 4, 63-65A Burwood Road, Burwood, NSW and we are close to transport and Burwood Westfield shopping centre. Feel free to call us on 02 9747 8880 to find out more about our genuine and guaranteed iPhone repairs.

Affordable Repair cost

The iPhone 7 is quite a large phone and the metal casing is also quite slippery, so it’s easy to drop it and damage it. If the unthinkable does happen to you and your screen gets damaged at all, do not worry! We can help!

The latest model of iPhone series is iPhone 7 and for this latest model, we’re able to replace the screen for a fraction of the price the manufacturers charge. In fact, as of yet our prices have remained unbeaten, saving you money every time. Being a customer-centric repairing service provider in Sydney we offer cost effective iPhone 7 screen repair and replacement service for our honorable customer.

The display panel of the iPhone is comprised of three different parts; the glass panel, digitiser and LCD screen. They are unfortunately all bonded together, meaning that if one of the parts gets damaged we’ll need to replace all of them.

While replacing the screen of your iPhone we will take the phone apart and replace all of these parts with new, high quality ones. The whole process will only take us around two hours and your iPhone will be looking brand new when we are finished.

All of the parts we use are AAA high quality, BEST QUALITY available in market all with a 3 months of performance warranty.

Frequently Asked Questions

>> Do you provide any guarantee for your mobile phone repair service?

Yes! We provide a warranty of three months for all iPhone repairs in Sydney. All our repairs are guaranteed for 90 days for parts and screen replacements. This covers all the components of the iPhone that we replace. We replace worn out and dysfunctional parts with quality OEM components. However, under no circumstances, physical damage will be covered under warranty.

>> How long will it take to repair my iPhone if I come to the store?

We will try to fix your device as early as possible by making the iPhone look and function like a new one. Usually, we give back your mobile phone on the same day. However, based on the availability of the parts and the type of repair your device needs, our turnaround might take from two or three days. For iPhone screen replacement in Sydney, we take less than 30 minutes and for others repairs it may vary.

>> Do you use original parts for iPhone screen repairs in Sydney?

We do not use original parts, but, we replace worn out or damaged iPhone screen using OEM parts. Original EM parts are the authentic manufacturer’s product that made your mobile phone, which means it is the real deal, not a copycat. Replacing your iPhone parts with OEM components gives you manufacturer’s warranty, the quality, and the performance is greater than the generic brands.

>> I tried to fix my iPhone on my own and have it semi unassembled. Can I send it to you and have you finish the repair?

Yes, you can! Whether it is an iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, or iPhone 7 repairs or iPhone 7 Plus repairs, we can provide a range of iPhone repair services at the competitive price and with fast turnaround time. We are a bunch of perfectionists who dedicate hours of efforts to find a long-term and suitable solution. After all, we can understand how it feels to have your valued device damaged.

>> Do you need my SIM card for iPhone repairs in Sydney?

Nope, we do not want you to send your SIM card for iPhone repairs in Sydney as we have our own SIM cards to test the phone. But, we do request you to give your passcode as it hinders our ability to test all the functions of the device.

>> How much money does it take to replace an iphone screen?

If the screen of your iphone is damaged or requires replacement, we replace your broken screen with an instant quote and make it easy on your wallet.  For fixing the Top Glass + LCD for iphone 6, we charge only $99 and $85 if it is just the Top Glass. We are experts at iphone screen replacement in Sydney and are dedicated to fixing your broken or cracked screens.

>> The screen of my iphone 8 is damaged, how much does it cost to fix the screen?

If the screen of your iphone 8 needs repair, then our amazing team of technicians specialised in iphone screen repair Sydney, can help you out in quick turnaround time. We charge only $155 for the Top Glass repair, $179 for fixing the LCD + Glass and the Back Glass Housing at $250. Touchscreens are made up of many components and comprise of complex technology. If you face problems like – flickering screen, discoloration or if your buttons are broken, we can fix it for you with special quality tools and replacing it with high quality parts.

>> How much does it take to fix my iphone 6S screen?

The screen of iphone 6S is mostly made of glass, so if you had probably dropped it on the concrete, then you are sure to end up with a cracked screen. What would you do if you do not have insurance? Don’t worry our experts for iphone screen replacement Sydney will help you fix it at a quick turnaround time. We charge only $119 to fix Top Glass + LCD, $95 for Top Glass and $20 to fix the Tempered Glass.

>> How much is the cost to fix an iphone 7 screen?

The iphone 7 boasts of having a slimmer and sleek design. It is considered as one of the highest performing smartphones in the world. Though there had been a number of iphone models, this iphone 7 is the most sought after phone in the world. That is why our experts are trained in iphone 7 repairs. The cost of iphone screen replacement Sydney, are $159 for Top Glass + LCD, $125 for Top Glass Price and $20 to fix Tempered Glass.

>> Will Apple help repair my iphone?

iphones come with a warranty period, and if your iphone is still under the warranty period, you may probably get your iphone fixed free of cost or can even help with replacement if your request is genuine. But if it does not stick to their policies, then it is chargeable, at times you might have to encounter the shipping cost too. Our experts trained in iphone repair Sydney, can help you get your iphone repaired at a quick turnaround time.

>> Why choose our service?

At Cheap Mobile Repair, we are specialised in mobile phone repairs to unlocking services. We are the one-stop destination for all your iPhone repairs in Sydney. Whether it is an iPhone4, iPhone5, iPhone6, or iPhone7 repairs, we provide a wide range of services at the best price and with fast turnaround time.

Our technicians are well-trained, and their extensive knowledge and analyses results in a perfect iPhone repair. For your next iPhone screen repairs in Sydney, visit our friendly staff or call us on 02 97478880.

>> What are the iPhone repairs do you handle?

At Cheap Mobile Repair, when your iPhone needs anything from a battery replacement to iPhone screen replacement in Sydney, we have the tools, quality parts, and experience to get the job done right quickly and hassle-free. Also, we provide free iPhone diagnostic service.

Our iPhone repair service includes iPhone battery replacement, camera repair, charge port repair, ear speaker repair, home button replacement, volume button replacement, water damage repair, and screen & LCD screen repair.

>> Why should I choose you for my iPhone repairs in Sydney?

Our profound and prompt service differentiates us from the crowd and puts us ahead of our competition.

  • Free diagnostic
  • Quick and convenient repair process
  • 3 months warranty
  • Best Prices
  • 30 minutes turnaround time
  • Quality parts

>> What are the common problems associated with iPhone screen repairs Sydney?

The following problems are the ultimate reasons behind iPhone screen repairs in Sydney,

  • Ghost Touch on iPhone
  • Lines on iPhone Display
  • Bleeding display
  • Black ink
  • White screen
  • Distorted image

>> How long does it take to repair an iphone screen?

It will only take about 30 minutes to fix an iphone screen. Our team of experts are highly qualified and specialised in iphone screen repair Sydney. They will identify the problem easily, provide you with an instant quote, and fix the screen in no time. They also deploy only quality materials for the replacement.

>> My iphone screen is cracked up. Can I claim Apple’s warranty?

Yes, you can get a broken iPhone screen repair in Sydney from Apple without revoking your warranty. But, before you do so, check if the warranty status of your iphone is valid. At times, you might have to pay the replacement cost even so, if your warranty doesn’t cover accidental damage. So, get Apple care+ coverage to escape from the hefty expenses.

>> Will dropping iphone void my warranty with Apple?

Yes, Apple will not replace your iphone under warranty, if it has been physically damaged. But, there are various options out of the warranty. You can get it repaired by an expert, qualified in iphone repair Sydney at an affordable cost that suits your wallet in no time.

>> Can I fix my iphone screen?

Dropping the iphone to the ground and cracking the screen is a common issue. We all might have gone through this phase. Well, don’t worry, you have options and can get the screen repaired in no time. But, you can’t deal with it yourself, you definitely need the help of an expert specialised in iphone repairs Sydney.

>> Will I lose my data if I replace my iphone’s battery?

No, you will not lose your data while replacing your iphone’s battery. It is because iphone is non-volatile flash and you would not lose data by merely disconnecting the battery. An expert technician specialised in iphone repairs Sydney is aware of this. However, it is better to take a backup of your data before attempting any repair on the iphones, the iTunes backup offers a complete backup solution.

>> What if my iphone’s display is also damaged along with the screen?

In any iphone, the LCD display, the touch module mechanism and the front glass, emanate as one whole unit. This fully unit is then connected to the frame to restore any display issues. In some cases, the screen many complete hang off, while for others, only the screen might be shattered. In this case, contact the expert at iphone screen replacement Sydney to get the screens and display fast with a quick turnaround time.


We leave our competitors behind with our quality service and expert technicians. Our service and work approach differentiates us.

Experts are the heart of this organization as they help to make your iPhone 5 look like a new one. Whether it is any issue with the screen or repair of other parts, our professionals with their profound knowledge to solve the issues with an ease. Their extensive analyses and in-depth knowledge results in a perfect screen repair and replacement solution.

There is no secret about the fact that the price is the prime thing that is observed by the people. With our experience, we have understood the requirement of people and this is the reason why all the services offered are priced reasonably. We make sure that everyone gets expert help.

We know how much you need these gadgets in todays life and therefore we try to return it as soon as possible by making the screen look and function like a new one. Usually we strive to give back your cellphone on the very same day, but based on the checking, our turnaround might extend from two to three days.

Why Cheap Mobile Repair
Polite service but the phone was ready 24 hours after they said it would be. Needed to ask if a loan phone could be provided (and one can be). Courier/supplier fault cited; time to find a more reliable one! At least they volunteered the fact that they need to honour the mandatory 3-month Australian Fair Trading warranty (I didn't need to ask).read more
06:14 22 Jan 20
My first time here fixing the phone and been very happy with the service. Their prices are very good and quality is absouletly amazing. My two S8 phones had been working really good after 3 months replaced with them. Thanks to Li and their team for hard more
Mesang Subba
07:16 14 Jan 20
Great service. Was upfront about price. I'd been stuffed around by another repair place so he gave me a small discount which was so nice. Screen repair for Pixel 2XL It's now been a few months and repair is still great! Highly recommended!read more
Beth VonBrae
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Very good service. Always feel invited to this place. Been here so many times never got disappointed. They are very reasonable. Specially Li she gives wonderful service,a smile on the face, makes everyone's day more
Saimon Rishal
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Great staff, great service. I had terrible cracks all over my iPhone 7 screen, and it was starting to peel off. Then, within half an hour, the nice lady working at the front gave me my phone back with a new screen on it. Fast and reliable service! I would highly recommend! Friendly customer service as well!read more
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04:58 19 Dec 19
Absolutely fantastic service. Prisca wash so helpful and patient in restoring my phone. I would recommend highly
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very nice people and great service! normally close at 5:30. Wait for us to take phones get fixed until 7. There’s no doubt that I’ll let my friends know and fix phones here. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️read more
Scarlet Cui
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Li was very friendly and approachable though she was by herself she was still able to smile. I had my screen protector replaced from this shop i must say they did a job well done. I would definitely recommend this shop. Plus customer service is the best service i have ever experienceread more
Ginalyn Jamila
05:05 30 Nov 19
Very good service! nice price and products to cover all different phone types! Will definitely come back!
04:35 30 Nov 19
Excellent and quick service and an honest business. I brought in a phone for a screen replacement. They stayed open hours after their close time to receive the delivery replacement screen and install it on my phone. All on the same day. Highly more
Peter Carrigan
09:42 29 Nov 19
My computer was running on Windows 7 and that collapsed, I needed to have it upgraded to Windows to make it functional. I turned to Cheap Computer Repairs Burwood and Keyu was marvellous no data was lost, now my computer is functioning really well. I fully recommend Keyu and this firm - I am totally satisfied. Also thanks to Ally ... regards Leon Fryread more
Leon Fry
03:53 14 Nov 19
Cheap Mobile Repair is my most trusted & tested repair shop. I fixed my nova 3i and galaxy s7 edge screens at this place and my phones are now working perfectly fine with reasonable price. Thanks to Liread more
Keivan Pishgah
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I have been dealing with Cheap Mobile Repairs. They have helped me out in various occasions from broken screens to the data recovery from a water damage phone, they have always gone out of there way to help me. I have always noticed how humble and Kind all the team is, I definitely recommend and will rate this company as the most honest and the best gedget repair more
1902maciek .
23:10 17 Oct 19
I brought my broken iPhone to Apple, where I was told that they were unable to do anything besides reset it - except I had a lot of data that I had not yet backed up. Luckily I found this place and they amazingly were able to retrieve 2 years of photos from a dead phone as well as fix my phone! The staff were incredibly friendly and professional, would definitely recommend for anyone experiencing similar issues!!read more
Tina Cao
07:15 16 Sep 19
Thank you so much Li for having my phone fixed in no time! Highly recommend having your phone fixed with them! Excellent customer service!
Sharina Veronica
07:44 09 Aug 19
Visited them to fix 2 phones.The manager I met today was super friendly and they dud a great job at reasonable price.(Year ago)Just went to the shop for repair for rear camera cover crash for my Galaxy S6. Staff were all friendly and quick to respond.I picked it up by on-site repair, while I went shopping at the Westfield.I have not compared the pricing and servicing from other nearby repair shops, but I am happy with the end result and more
Young H LEE
06:35 20 Jul 19
My iPhone was smashed and crashed and wouldn’t be able to touch and see clearly. And i had no idea where to repair.My friend recommended these guys and I called them. They gave me reasonable prices to repair my screen .Not only that they gave me free solid tempered glass.Thanks for all of the services!read more
Sugesh Sapkota
12:43 08 Jul 19
I was there a month ago for my charging port replacement. My phone was not charging at all. I went there with a booking and they quickly arranged the part for me and got it done. When i received my Google pixel 2xl it was charging fine. I also bought a fast charging cable for my phone there which they give me very good deal. I would like to suggest my known friends to go there.Such a good managementBravo!!read more
Prekshya Hamal
11:40 08 Jul 19
Very friendly staff there. My phone was water damage. It was completely off and no shop would try to repair it. But when i fortunately rang there they would try to repair my phone and inspect it. Also they fixed me with good deal with new refurbished phone which works great.Thanks cheap mobile repairs 🙂read more
prabal baral
11:32 08 Jul 19
I was here just yesterday. The girl on the front desk was very nice. She handled my repairment of my iPhone X. The job was done very quickly and i also got a very cute case in this shop.Will visit again !read more
11:25 08 Jul 19
Absolutely amazing service.Went there for my data recovery of s8 edge and they guided me thoroughly with the whole process.Now I have all my data back in my new phone. Perfectly priced and genuine services. Thank you!read more
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05:03 08 Jul 19
My screen was a little broken around the edges of my MacBook Pro. I had gone to Apple to change my screen but that was highly priced and took more than 10 days. But when I found this small store in Burwood they managed to repair my screen in affordable price and only within 3 working days. It looks very nice and the visibility of screen is awesome.Would visit again in futureread more
Nischal Pradahn
04:25 08 Jul 19
The shop is nice and busy.I ranged there today to get a quote for my son's iPhone 7 screen.The guy who was at the counter was very friendly and handled all the customers with a huge smile. I was very happy to get my screen fixed with great quality and service which took only half an hour of my time. On top of that they gave me extra discount from their quoted price with a new protector as well . Really happy with all the service and will definitely recommend my friends to come here.Great TeamVery much recommendedread more
Lisuia Smith
15:20 07 Jul 19
Good service, friendly and affordable. Only downfall is I was told 1 hour and it ended up taking 3 hours for a basic charging port repair.
Musical Author
06:36 24 Jun 19
The staff is very friendly and helpful. I was able to find the converter I needed and got a new screen protector that's nicely attached. All with a good more
Lawrence Chung
06:45 12 Jun 19
Would definitely recommend. Fixed my mobile phones and Li was so helpful and very accommodating for my busy schedule. Great customer service and great prices. Staff all very more
Henry Wang
12:15 01 Jun 19
Highly recommended!Most reasonable!Excellent service provided by that Cambodian girl!Now mobile works like brand new!
Ramandeep Singh
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Super professional and did a wonderful job, Li was fantastic and so friendly! the job was done in 30 mins, which I also found amazing. I would recommend to anyoneread more
Clare Haddad
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Excellent work fixing phones and staff very helpful. Very happy
Matthew Cubis
03:03 27 Apr 19
So professional with what she did, Grab my attention from the way she gave me the flyer with her friendly attitude long time ago when they used to be upstairs which i have not broke my phone screen yet. First time i been here which i made me no wonder why this company got 5 stars because they have got an amazing staff to run their business. I got my phone back within 30 minutes with a brand new screen. No appointment more
Anju Galappaththi
04:30 21 Mar 19
i am very happy with how Li served me every time i went there.. I been there multiple times replacing my iPhone screens with an affordable prices and wonderful service with 3 months of warranty. Highly recommended!!! Thanks again Li for giving me a good offer!! will not go anywhere but definitely come back to this more
Sano melroy
03:38 21 Mar 19
Went in with badly broken screen on grandson's Apple I Phone. Very helpful staff and a very capable technician who had fixed the LED and glass screen within 30 minutes. They tested thoroughly and really went the extra mile to help. Would thoroughly recommend more
Frances Leathem
07:10 20 Mar 19
Awesome service, friendly, helpful and kind. They took their time to get to know what the issue with my son's phone was and did their very best to fix it. Highly recommended. Awesome customer more
Luana Atger
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Brilliant service fast turnaround and most importantly excellent staff and pricing. Thanks guys
alan CROKE
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This is a great place that fixed my phone really quickly and for a great price, the staff are really friendly and even supplied me with a screen protector for not that much extra aha. This was a great more
Salome Reti-Molineux
07:51 26 Feb 19
Very friendly and professional staff. I met with Li who manages the store and she is super professional, technically knowledgeable and friendly. My iPad screen was replaced within 2 hours at a competitive price with warranty. Thank you Li and the staff. Keshavread more
Keshav Dada
06:04 21 Feb 19
Service was excellent, and price was right and not like few place I visited. Highly recommended
UdH Aya
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Very good service from Li helped me out a lot. Will recommend everyone to this store at Burwood . And also the best prices
Ali Albashara
01:03 14 Feb 19
Got my iPad fixed which was badly damage, very reasonable price, excellent service, kind and friendly staff. I was very surprised with there honesty, before going to this place I went to another who tried to rip me off by asking me to change LCD as well but at Cheap Mobile Repair they told me that I don't have to change the LCD. They would have easily charged me extra for my LCD but they gave me an honest advice and repaired my device in just 2 hoursread more
hien nguyen
05:48 31 Jan 19
I got my laptop fixed real quick and its working really good. They saved all my important data as well, was really helpful when i had my exams on top of my more
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Great customer service, fixed quickly my phone display and at a very reasonable price. Highly recommend.
Vito Bellissimo
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The young girl is sooo nice talking to the customers. Love the service.
Anzan Khanal
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Great staff great repair would recommend 10/10 I can’t wait to smash my phone just so I can go back
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06:51 11 Jan 19
Been here the first time served by Li and such a great service and affordable prices too. Will return back for future repairs
Dewansha Koirala
04:59 29 Dec 18
Super friendly useful staff. Though things didn't go as planned they went above and beyond to ensure my phone was in prime working condition by the time my service was completed with them. Would definitely recommendread more
Jizz Ophelia
23:53 09 Dec 18
This place is very helpful. I totally recommend it. They re very nice to the customers
Orlando Diaz
07:16 06 Dec 18
Very friendly and excellent service. Gave my iPhone 6s for screen repair and it was ready within 30min. Job well done and it looks good as new. One of the cheapest around with genuine parts.Highly more
Denise Charles
02:38 03 Dec 18
Great staff and great serviceThe young lady who runs the place is amazingNothing is too much troubleThis is the second time I have used them and I wouldn’t go anywhere elseAlison and markread more
Mark McGimpsey
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01:11 25 Nov 18
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Benzene Neupane
05:26 21 Oct 18
Great customer service. I took my laptop( which I damaged myself,while trying to fix it) (meh!!) these guys.Extra ordinary customer centric approach and such friendly interaction. Never expected or received such warm and friendly service from a service centre.Needless to say, my laptop was fixed in 1 hour. Next time, I experiment and break stuff, I know where to take it.Hats off to you guys... Great job!!read more
Michelle Varghese
06:05 29 Sep 18
I’ve booked an appointment via phone cal an they were very helpful until they finishes fixing my phone. I was very happy with what they’ve done to my phone for a very reasonable price. They were also very welcoming as well as accomodating. Will come back here more
Jona Yvonne
07:59 23 Sep 18
I have come here to repair my phone for three times, there is a reason I keep coming back. Exceptional customer service both online and in person. Highly recommend coming here for repairs!read more
Rebecca Guan
08:56 21 Sep 18
Hi, this is ramya.I gave my laptop for water damage. The customer service was excellent. They check the laptop that it is working or not after fixing the problem. Service is also cost more
Ramya Krishna
09:07 17 Sep 18
Came in with a broken iPhone 6 screen. Quick repair, reasonably priced, and noticeably respectful of privacy when testing out phone features before and after repair. My future go-to for screen repairs, thanks!read more
Jennyfer Ong
07:38 08 Sep 18
Trusted repairer. Fixed screen and battery iphone 6s 3 months ago. Phone goes great. Recommended
00:36 27 Aug 18
Outstanding and honest service. I got my computer fixed here, which crashed just a week before my exams. I took it to a local repairer who was not able to fix it and wasted 2 days on it. Then I found Cheap Mobile Repair on google and took my desktop to them. It only took them 2 days to fix it, and on top of that they even saved all of my data which was all my assignment and notes without any additional cost. I was even willing to spend $600 - $700 as I needed it to be fixed ASAP, but instead of taking advantage of my situation they understood my problem and helped me fixing my computer for less than $200. They explained everything that they had done on my computer and even gave me a 6 month warranty. Really amazed with their more
Urvish Patel
08:10 05 Jul 18
Great place run by great people. I gave my phone to Keyu and he fixed my phone within 30 minutes and did a good deal for me. I would definitely recommend this placeread more
Shivani Gosai
06:56 05 Jul 18
Completely smashed my iPhone 7plus screen and LCD. They repaired it to perfection in just half an hour with no booking. Extremely reasonable prices, couldn’t find a cheaper place. The service was super friendly, very knowledgeable and informative and 100% honest, even saw a guy getting a screen protector which didn’t end up working with his phone (Samsung model that always has that problem with tempered glass covers) and they offered a refund even though they warned him it may not work before the service and did not hesitate to refund the money. I would give a 10 out of 5 if the option was there. Will be returning to them for any repairs and phone accessories for the rest of my more
Jaz Ho bayly
04:51 19 Jun 18
Found this place through a Google search. Staff were exceptionally friendly. Service was great and screen replacement on iPhone 6s was both speedy and very affordable. Would definitely go back again for any phone troubles. Thank more
04:11 11 Jun 18
Needed a battery replacement for a sealed phone. Staff were very courteous and responsive to organise repair. Done and finished within an hour, and at about half the price I saw elsewhere. No issues and no fuss. Will come back if I ever need anything sorted for my phone.Thanks so more
Katie Burns
03:03 02 Jun 18
Professional, courteous, efficient and competitively priced! I needed a new screen on my iPhone 7 and my iPad mini. I was immediately offered a discount for 2 screens and they picked them up from my house and rang me when they were ready, meaning I didn’t have to wait for my repairs! I highly recommend these guys to anyone!read more
Anthony Hacio
06:26 25 May 18
I got my iPhone6 screen and recharge connector fixed in this place. Good work, good communication, pleasant and diplomatic person, and knows his craft. And he was flexible enough to take my request in an unprecedented moment, when the building was not officially open more
The Rasmus
21:34 20 May 18
My wife's Iphone 6S Plus had a cracked screen. We checked around a few places and found Cheap Mobile Repair had very competitive rates. Customer Service is friendly and proactive, and the fix was completed within the hour. On top of that they recommended a screen protector for discounted amount. Customer service also checks the phone after the fix to ensure it works and provides 3 months warranty.very happy with the more
Karthik Praba
15:44 12 May 18
Top service! Phone data retrieved from water damaged iPhone- no problem after everyone else could not and would not do. What a genius! Not to mention great personality who explained every step thoroughly. Would definitely recommend! Great price more
Nicholas Lagouris
09:34 28 Apr 18
Good customer service, quick repair. Reasonable price. Seem to have good after sales care as well, but I’ve fortnately not needed to use it more
Rowena Garner
02:32 26 Apr 18
Had a Crack in my screen of my Sony Xperia z5, these guys fixed it within 1.5hrs with excellent workmanship. Good price too, was quoted almost double at another shop, with a wait time of 3days. Best shop in Sydney or possibly Australia. Would highly highly recommend for all your phone repair needs. Can't get any more honest or better service with these guys. In a market where repair shops rip u straight off don't bother with the rest just come here for good fast and honest more
Benny Tan
03:14 17 Apr 18
Fixed my phone for the cheapest price! Fantastic quality and amazing customer service! If you need your phone fixed highly recommend!
Taylor Grech
00:18 13 Apr 18
The place was a bit hard to find at first, it wasn’t a glossy shop front either. But they did great job with my iPhone, fixed the charging port and replaced the battery. In less than 30 mins!read more
Chris Hong
23:04 11 Apr 18
I had a broken screen of my S8+. Excellent service. Quick replacement. Reasonable price. Very friendly staffs.
Sirusha Thapa
04:32 05 Apr 18
**DELIGHTED WITH SERVICE**Best mobile repair in Sydney. The main owner Mr Keyur Patel is exceptional in knowledge and customer service. I asked few places for quotes but cheap mobile repair is surely one of its own unique for competitive price with quality of product.I cracked and shattered my phone screen a week before my holiday this year and was scared I may not get it fixed in time. A friend recommended this store and so I called up. They said they had the replacement screen I needed in store and if I went round I could get my phone back hopefully the next day. So I went round an hour later after calling and a friendly man took in my phone and said it could be done by that late afternoon (just before closing). I was thrilled! When I picked up my phone, he did the checks that were needed before I took it back, to make sure everything worked ok. It's been about 2 months and my phone/screen still works perfectly!! Sorry for late review, once again big THANK more
khewna dawar
01:28 04 Apr 18
Got my iphone 7 screen fix here today, Phenomenal customer service and for a great price! Can ask for a better place to take my phones from now on ! Keep it up guys very very pleased ! ?read more
12:31 01 Apr 18
The place is a little hard to find, however is a great place to fix your phone. Very nice and quick people working there with affordable prices ??read more
feron yee
05:51 12 Mar 18
My IPhone doesn't work and was quoted $120 to replace screen & LCD over the phone. However, the technician told me don't repair as not only screen issue when I was there. He advised me that go to Apple Centre. They are truly care their customer not only more
Ben Cheung
02:23 06 Mar 18
Top notch!Incredibly helpful staff. Great prices.Speedy!Do yourself a favour and only come here for your phone/tablet needs.?
angelo zairis
00:47 06 Mar 18
I just got my girlfriends LCD screen on her Samsung Galaxy s8 edge plus replaced at Cheap Mobile Repair. They were by far the cheapest off all the quotes I received and the service was quite unbelievable and very very very friendly. I strongly recommend Cheap Mobile Repair to anyone that has a problem with their phones. Thanks a million guys for your help and service and no doubt will be pooping in very very more
Al Chahine
06:29 23 Feb 18
Just fixed my iPhone 6 tempered glass.It took only 5min and its perfect!!Amazing service tooThe girl at the reception was super helpful and the friendliest ive ever encountered.Thanks a lotLooking forward to coming back againread more
Thoros Thor
06:17 23 Jan 18
Very reasonably priced with very friendly customer service. Even though I didn't have an appointment, they still fixed my phone in only a few hours. The staff were very attentive as they ensured I was satisfied with the condition of my phone, when they had fixed it. I'm very thankful my phone is now properly more
Kim F
08:57 21 Jan 18
This repair shop is great! Friendly staff, lovely service and they work pretty quickly. The price is also very good and they don't charge anything crazy. Would definitely recommend!read more
07:39 04 Jan 18
10 out of 10!! 🙂 Best place I have ever been too. Staff were so friendly, affordable and HONEST! I gave the wrong details of my phone and was quoted a price, when I returned to the shop the lady had told me I gave her the wrong details so the cost was actually cheaper then I planned!! Any other shop wouldn’t have said anything to me and just took the extra money.. So glad I came here, would recommend to others!! 🙂read more
Jessica Mapiva
05:28 22 Dec 17
diagnostics Free diagnostic
repair process Quick/convenient repair process
3 months warranty 3 months warranty
our offer We offer the best prices
24 hours 30 mins turn around time
quality parts QUALITY PARTS


*We use OEM parts we do not use original parts.
*All our Parts & Repairs come with 3 months of warranty.
*Repairing your device with us might void your manufacturer’s warranty.
*Screens are covered under warranty as long as there is no physical damage.
*Water damage devices do not have any sort of warranty.
*Software issues do not have any warranty.
*Refund can be provided in exchange of the parts and 20% labor charge will be deducted.
*Under no circumstances physical damage will be covered under warranty.


Be wary of any repairers who claim to use original parts. Original parts are only available to authorised company repairers (e.g. Apple store). Furthermore, many repairers will offer you two prices; one for the “authentic” company parts, and one for the generic copies. Please do not believe this, as all leading manufacturers, including Apple, do not supply any parts for their products. As a result, all parts we supply are of the absolute highest quality possible, and we only replace what is necessary.
Note: Third party repairing will void your warranty.