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Five Important Facts about the iPhone Touch Disease

Five Important Facts about the iPhone Touch Disease

iPhones are by far considered the most advanced and user-friendly mobile phones among all available brands and models today. Like any digital device, iPhones are also subjected to certain, model-specific issues and one among them is the Touch Disease.

What is iPhone Touch Disease?

Some owners of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus often witness their mobile phone freeze up and become unresponsive to user touch. This problem is exclusive to these two above mentioned models of iPhone and the frequency of the problem differs in each case. Many independent companies that are offering iPhone 6S screen repairs in Sydney have attended to this condition in the past months.

What are the symptoms of the Touch Disease?

The most common symptom of the condition is a flickering grey-coloured bar present on the top of the mobile screen. Following the flickering, the screen becomes unresponsive and the entire display stops working.

Which phones are affected by the Touch Disease?

Apple which is the maker of iPhones has introduced the Apple iPhone Touch Repair Program. However, in most cases, it is the iPhone 6 Screen Repairs Service in Sydney that handles the issue and offers a solution. While Apple officials believe that it is the carelessness in handling the device that causes the problem, other experts consider it is as a design issue. This debate is however still unsettled.

Can the Touch Disease be cured permanently?

Yes. Users, however, cannot fix the problem unless they are qualified professionals. Attempting to open the iPhone is not recommended as it can lead to other repair risks. The best solution is to opt for a third-party iPhone Repairs service in Sydney that is home to technicians who are highly skilled in micro-soldering the device. This is the most economical option and the problem can also be fixed as quickly as possible.

Can changing the screen of iPhone 6 fix the problem?

Touch disease is a more intense issue than a cracked screen or a non-working screen. Touch disease involves issues with the logic board that is present inside the phone. Changing the screen of the phone is no solution to the problem. Replacing the affected phone is also not the right solution as the new or refurbished phone could also be affected by the same problem. While the Apple iPhone Touch Repair Program can resolve the issue permanently, third party repair centres are more affordable and the service can be tailored as and when required.

What are the first steps to be undertaken if you think your phone is affected?

Before you go ahead and take an appointment with the iPhone Repairs service in Sydney, backup all important data. Also, do not attempt DIY repair as this can aggravate the problem.

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