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Four Common iPad Issues that need Professional Repair Assistance

Four Common iPad Issues that need Professional Repair Assistance

iPads are among the most addictive and advanced digital tools released by Apple Inc. worldwide. An iPad is used as a work management tool while travelling and is equally an important entertainment resource t too. iPads are used by men and women of all ages starting from teens to the sexagenarians.

Read on to find out some common iPad issues that demand instant attention for a reliable iPad repairs service in Sydney.

  • Phantom touch syndrome

Sometimes, you may find your iPad opening applications that you did not intend to. Even when the device is left untouched for a few minutes, the screen swipes across to another page and few apps close or open automatically. This condition is called phantom touch syndrome. This problem could arise from digitiser issues or in some cases it could be the damaged connector on the logic board. Since fixing this problem involves disassembling the iPad and replacing a damaged element with a genuine spare part, you need the help of an iPad repairs service in Sydney.

  • iPad screen issues

Most iPad users face problems of screen discoloration and overall dimness on the LCD screen. Most users ignore the problem while some try to reset the LCD backlight to resolve the issue. However, such problems are not always simple and in most cases the iPad screen must be replaced. In some severe cases, the screen problems could be the result of a damaged logic board. Since this is common issue among most iPad aficionados, both iPad and iPad air screen repair services in Sydney are offering this service for affordable rates.

  • Decreased internet signal strength

Nothing can be more annoying than travelling with an iPad with no or reduced wi-fi or 4G signal strength. The problem could be due to a damaged antenna and as the damage aggravates, the iPad loses its ability to pick up wi-fi signals completely. Since internet connection is extremely vital for business users, it is best to get the issue resolved from the professionals as soon as possible. While looking for a repair service in Sydney, ensure you choose one that promises minimum resolution time without compromising on the quality of service.

  • Unresponsive buttons

If you have dropped your iPad down or if the device has been subject to some minor damaged accidently, chances are that the hardware has been damaged and the buttons of the device have become unresponsive. An iPad with unresponsive buttons is no good! Also, the accidental falling of the device could have caused some deeper damage to the device apart from making the buttons unresponsive. Thus, it is recommended to have a professional iPad repairs service in Sydney scrutinise the device and fix all potential issues beforehand.

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