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iPhone Screen Repair – 3 Questions to Ask

iPhone Screen Repair – 3 Questions to Ask

A cracked screen is the main reason for getting an iPhone 6S screen repairs in Sydney. As the screen is made of glass, the cracks can leave dangerous sharp edges that can cause injuries. Over time the cracks will get worse, so it’s a good idea to cover the affected area with sellotape to stop the loose glass falling out and to protect your fingers.

Even if the screen is cracked, some people say that the phone still works and can be used as normal. The glass and the screen are bonded together during the manufacturing process. Both the glass and the LCD have to be replaced together if any one of the components is damaged.

The iPhone 6 screen repairs process in Sydney involves the careful removal of the damaged screen, cleaning, and re-fitting of the new screen. We have listed some questions that may help you make a more informed decision, since most iPhone users are unaware of the process involved in iPhone screen repair service:

1. You need to ask about the quality of the screen

You should ask about the quality of the new screen because the better the quality, the more durable it will be. Since iPhone screens on the market have lots of imitations, even during normal handling, they are far less durable and more susceptible to crack. In some cases, the screens may not sit as ‘flush’ with the main body of the phone due to wrong size and small gaps may be noticeable. If a low-quality screen is placed, then there is a chance of LCD’s to fail after a few weeks/months. So, if you are likely to keep your iPhone for any extended period, make sure to use high-quality iPhone screens that are made to the same specification as the original.

2. You need to ask about the testing

A screen replacement involves the opening of your device and the careful re-fitting every component, due to the complexity of modern smartphones. It is important that the device must be thoroughly tested, in order to prevent any potential problems with other features on your iPhone. This should be considered if the iPhone is being mailed back to the customer as it is not easy to ‘pop in’ to rectify any problems. All it takes is a relatively small problem for all the good repair work to be undone.

3. You need to ask about the warranty

While iPhone repair in Sydney is more affordable than buying a new device, it is still an expensive outlay. Good repair centre will offer a warranty for screen replacement/repairs that will give you added confidence. In most cases, the repair centres may offer only 90 Day warranty, but considering the expense of the repair, you should look for at least 12 months warranty.

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