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What to do if Your Laptop Screen isn’t Working Properly

What to do if Your Laptop Screen isn’t Working Properly

Hey there! Did you just crack your laptop’s screen? Is it frustrating for you not to be able to work on your laptop which also includes not being able to access the files so important to you? Don’t worry, laptop screens can easily be repaired if taken to the right place and if the cause of the damage is not severe. Here are a few common reasons for any laptop screen malfunction.

Physical damage: The damages like cracks, tears, spills into the screen can be defined as physical damages. Well, the thinner and lighter weight the laptop is, the more likely it is to crack as because that way it loses its structural strength. About 3-5 pounds of pressure is enough to break the average laptop LCD screen. The usual symptoms of regular physical damage come to light with tearing of the picture on the screen, areas of black spots or distorted areas. Also, spills are another phenomenon which tends to appear as strange stains on the screen, flickering or without any picture.

Wear because of time: This type of damage can generally be seen on older laptops using fluorescent(CCFL) back light and invert-er. The CC FL lights and inverters usually experience problems within 3 to 5 years of their use. The inverters usually fail with the screen flickering then ultimately going dark. The backlight failure can be indicated beforehand if there is a pinkish or orange discoloration of the screen which worsens until the screen goes dark. A logical circuitry on a newer LED backlight screen usually burns out prior to the LED backlight, symptoms are like an unreliable picture or a no picture altogether.

Manufacturing defects: At times screens with errors may go past inspections during the manufacturing process and end up on your laptop. The symptoms usually show up from the beginning of usage. Manufacturing defects can be noticed with screen flickering, failures in displaying the image or failure to even start up.

Screen issues can be fixed by replacing the screen, but at times, screen issues may just be because of defective cables, inverter, motherboard or even the video board. Finding the actual reason behind the malfunction is rather difficult for a layman, this problem requires professional attention. You can take it to a manufacturer and wait months to get a replacement or take it to an equally skilled repair of laptop screen centre in Sydney and get the same replacement in a matter of days for a lesser service charge.

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