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How to Recover Lost Data from a Faulty Hard Drive

How to Recover Lost Data from a Faulty Hard Drive

So you’re working on an important document in your computer and unfortunately out of the blue, the hard disk goes faulty and other important files stored goes obsolete! Imagine how devastating that can be! Situations like these can be pretty disappointing and nerve wracking, but you don’t obviously have to worry about it if you have a backup of your data. Fret not! There’s still hope, as a data recovery expert in Sydney can help! We have compiled a helpful guide that’d help you get your lost data back:

Reasons for a Faulty Hard Drive:

  1. The data being stored in your external hard drive can be shared to a number of users. But, in the unfortunate event your hard disk is connected to an infected computer, the invasion of malware or viruses can corrupt your important files.
  1. When an external hard disk is not carefully used and is unsuitably handled by several users, it can consequently lead to the creation of bad sectors and it is possible for your hard drive to go totally faulty when excessive bad sectors are generated.
  1. What happens when the file system of an external hard disk is damaged or corrupted? Your hard disk becomes inaccessible and eventually, the data stored in the disk will be lost.

So, if you encounter a failure with your hard drive, try the following:

Data Recovery with Hardware:

  1. If your hard disk isn’t making any noise when powered on, it indicates a PCB issue. This could be resolved by replacing the existing PCB with a new one. This process involves execution of advanced techniques that are better handled by professionals.
  1. Is your drive detected by your computer but hangs while accessing it? This normally happens as a result of continued usage for years. You could use a BIOS accessing utility to read the necessary data.
  2. If your hard drive is making a beeping sound on powering up, your drive is either suffering from stiction or a seizure of the motor spindle. This has to be rectified by professionals.
  1. If your drive sounds normal but isn’t detected at all, or is detected with a wrong capacity, it represents a firmware problem. This glitch is also to be rectified by professionals.

Data Recovery using Software:

You could also manage repairing hard disk failures using any software. There are several software products available and you could try with the best one to make the repairs and recover your data.

As mentioned above, rectifying hard disk drive failures and recovering your data off it are generally handled by data recovery experts in Sydney. Make sure to find an experienced and knowledgeable professional who can resolve the issue and help recover your important data.

Resource Box: The author is a proficient data recovery technician in Sydney with more than 4 years of experience in the service.

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